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Susan and Steve Chamberlin established the Chamberlin Family Foundation in 2006, and are committed to making impactful education investments in their lifetimes.

The Foundation seeks to invest in bold leaders who are impatient with the status quo and believe so much more is possible for our students. Given these core beliefs, the Chamberlin Family Foundation seeks opportunities to invest in public education and innovative initiatives that show the greatest promise of improving student outcomes. We care about quality schools, and therefore, we prioritize investments in the organizations and people who demonstrate the most promising ideas and also the capacity to execute. Sometimes that means partnering with public school systems where we can identify bold leadership and shared priorities. Often, that means investing outside the system, where new approaches and visionary leaders demonstrate tremendous promise.

Our geographic focus centers on two regions where the need is tremendous, and where the Chamberlins have a personal connection, including the city of Richmond, CA, and the surrounding region of West Contra Costa County. Additionally, we seek to make a positive impact on public education in Oahu, and to support other promising K-12 education initiatives in Hawaii. We also partner on a limited number of compelling state and national education initiatives that merit broader participation from the philanthropic community.

Partner Organizations