Chicago Public Education Fund

The Chicago Public Education Fund (The Fund) applies principles of venture capital to transform public education in the city of Chicago.  The venture capital model enables The Fund to stay focused on outcomes for students and schools and to get results. The Fund raises a series of funds approximately every four years and focuses on a set of clearly defined outcomes for our investments. After each fund, we evaluate impact and results against those original goals, and offer to close our doors. The Fund’s current investment fund, its third and most ambitious to date, leverages the strong track record of success in Funds I and II. Fund I established a high bar of quality for leadership, and Fund II embedded high-quality leaders throughout the district. Fund III is elevating the performance of exceptional leadership, encouraging more effective teaching, and promoting the innovative use of talent, technology, and time in schools across Chicago.

Going forward, our investments will work to grow the number of talented, results-oriented leaders in Chicago’s public schools and to ensure that the context in which they operate is one in which innovation and impact are recognized and replicated. In concert with Chicago Public Schools, we’ve identified three key levers to help educators produce better outcomes for students:

  • Leadership: Create a cadre of transformational schools chiefs and principals who drive high achievement in networks and schools
  • Effective Teachers: Build new student assessments and teacher observations to better measure performance and customize supports
  • Next Generation Learning: Reinvent classrooms so teachers can personalize instruction for maximum learning and engagement

Affiliated Organizations: