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Educate78 is an Oakland-based nonprofit working to ensure that every student, in every neighborhood of the city has access to world-class public schools.

Through informed giving and strategic initiatives, Educate78 accelerates the development of high quality schools, cultivates local education leaders, and engages families and community members to champion policies that will produce more world-class public schools in Oakland.  The organization seeks collaboration and diverse perspectives to find creative solutions to the historically intractable challenges facing Oakland students and schools.

Educate78 focuses its work and investments in three key areas:

  • Grow great schools – Educate78 accelerates the development of quality schools by backing new schools, scaling up high performing schools, supporting restart schools, and piloting solutions for serving the most at-risk students, like special education, English Learners and foster youth.  The organization also seeks to build a dynamic and constructive community across all public schools in the city.
  • Develop teacher leaders – Every world-class public school system excels at recruiting, retaining and growing great teachers.  Educate78 invests in organizations and projects that elevate the voices of teachers, cultivate new teacher leaders, and foster outstanding school principals.
  • Engage families and the community – Educate78 envisions an Oakland’s public school system buoyed by sustained support from a broad coalition of aligned community organizations and leaders.   Every family should have the opportunity to choose the school that will be the best fit for their child, through an accessible, informative, and authentic process.