Excellent Schools Detroit


Excellent Schools Detroit was formed as a coalition of Detroit’s education, government, community, and philanthropic leaders who, in March 2010, released an education plan that calls for bold steps so that every Detroit child is in an excellent school by 2020. The plan would make Detroit the first major U.S. city where 90 percent of students graduate from high school, 90 percent enroll in college or a quality postsecondary training program, and 90 percent are prepared to succeed without remediation.

The citywide plan reflected months of discussions and deliberations, as well as a series of community meetings, youth focus groups, small group discussions with multiple stakeholders, and other efforts. It is also based on research about successful practices in other cities where education reform and transformation strategies have been documented. The plan requires the implementation of breakthrough strategies in public will building, talent development, new school creation, accountability, and early childhood, in order to dramatically improve student achievement in schools of all governance models: traditional public, public charter, and private.

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