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Innovate Public Schools is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to build the parent and community demand for world-class public schools in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, and to accelerate the growth of these schools, particularly for low-income students and students of color.

In 2013, only 20 percent of Latino students in Silicon Valley graduated with the requirements needed to attend a UC or Cal State university. Passing algebra in 8th grade is a critical first step on a track to college, but only 29 percent of low-income students met that bar in 2013. We have some excellent public schools in the region serving low-income students and students of color, but we don’t have enough of them. Thousands of students are waiting for the world-class public schools that they deserve.

We are driven by the urgency parents feel when their child is stuck in a low-performing school. Innovate Public Schools leverages a three-pronged approach to improving local public schools:

  • New Schools: We work with leaders and educators from charters and school districts to launch new schools and turn around low-performing schools via our Start-up Schools Fellowship.
  • Organizing: We provide training and support for parents in high-need communities so they can effectively advocate for great schools through the Parent Action Network.
  • Research and Policy: We publish easy-to-understand school quality data and research to highlight problems and solutions.