Minnesota Comeback – a movement of schools, education organizations, and funders – is developing a plan for strategically funding initiatives that improve K-12 education. Initially focused on Minneapolis, the organization works to turn 30,000 underperforming seats into rigorous, relevant ones by 2025.

Minnesota Comeback has two vehicles for resourcing systems-change work:

  • The Great MN Schools fund is accelerating the creation of 30,000 new rigorous and relevant seats – particularly for students of color and low-income students. The fund provides financial investments and technical assistance to support schools across all sectors and across the growth stages of a school: new, building capacity, and proven success. This unique model for growing high-performing seats can drive systemic change by proactively coordinating resources in an aligned effort against a citywide plan.
  • The Strategic Fund is designed to ensure that the local philanthropic community is poised to respond strategically and with agility to ecosystem needs. As a pooled funding structure, it allows funders to resource time-sensitive opportunities. Further, it addresses the need for coordinated efforts to drive outcomes: greater investment effectiveness, leverage of additional local and national resources, and frequent assessment and recalibration of our work.


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