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New Schools for Chicago has supported and promoted high performing charter schools since its founding in 2004. With the unrivaled support of the city’s philanthropists, innovators and educators, the organization has raised over $70 million to support the opening of more than 80 new charter schools that serve more than 60,000 students.

Today, the landscape in Chicago has shifted, revealing new challenges and opportunities for Chicago students and the schools that serve them. School quality and accountability remain high priorities, as do policies that fully allow all parents to seek out the best school options for their children. By improving the quality of and environment for public charter schools in the city, New Schools for Chicago will enable an additional 10,000 children to attend high-quality schools by 2020.

New Schools for Chicago will do this by:

  • Supporting the expansion of great schools and the improvement of struggling schools.
  • Working with policymakers and Chicago Public Schools to create the conditions so charter schools can thrive.
  • Supporting parents in their efforts to advocate for more great schools in their city.