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Opportunity 180 was founded in 2015 to get 25,000 children out of low-performing schools and into great charter schools by 2025 in Clark County, Nevada.

The organization will do this by pursuing four strategies:

  • High-quality schools. Opportunity 180 will work with charter leader development programs and charter management organizations to create a diverse set of new, great charter schools. The organization is also looking to recruit one national charter management organization to the region.
  • Effective educators. Opportunity 180 is proactively identifying non-profit organizations that will help create talent pipelines to funnel great teachers directly into charter schools in its portfolio.
  • Supportive policy. Even with early legislative wins,  the organization still have much more work to do. The next issue to address is per-pupil funding, as a balanced formula fund can help provide the additional dollars needed to serve Nevada’s most high-need students.
  • Community engagement. Initial engagement efforts are going to focus on informing parents about the quality public and private options that are available for their children. Opportunity 180 plans to  incubate an organization that will take the lead on this, eventually developing a unified enrollment system and common application for all Clark County charter schools

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