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The Philadelphia School Partnership (“PSP”) was founded by community and business leaders to transform education in Philadelphia.  Our mission is to invest in the creation and expansion of great schools, increasing the number of high-performing charter, district and private schools in the city of Philadelphia.  Our vision is that in the next five years, every child in every neighborhood in Philadelphia will have access to a great school and the opportunity to graduate from high school prepared for college or the work world beyond school.

The Partnership is raising philanthropic dollars for a “Great Schools Fund” that invests in high-performing schools and leaders in order to dramatically increase the number of great schools available to families and students in Philadelphia.  PSP has fostered a “Great Schools Compact” bringing together the mayor, state Secretary of Education, and school district leaders, as well as private school and charter school leaders across the region to commit to working concretely towards a shared vision of great schools for all children.  And finally, PSP is partnering with community organizations to develop “Great Philly Schools”, an interactive multi-media resource that empowers parents with robust and accessible information about schools across Philadelphia.

PSP focuses on high-performing schools of all types and takes a non-political and non-ideological approach to improving education in Philadelphia.  We believe many different types of schools can be effective in providing children with a high-quality education and that the solution to our city’s educational crisis lies in no one single sector. 


Great Schools Compact Partners: