The Rodel Foundation of Delaware was established in 1999 to help create one of the finest statewide public education systems in the nation by 2012. The foundation focuses on improving public policy, supporting best practices, and engaging the public in state-level reform. In collaboration with public, private and civic leaders throughout Delaware, Rodel is working to implement Vision 2015, Delaware’s acclaimed plan for world-class schools.

Our theory of change for Delaware is based upon our belief that the U.S. is losing ground fast internationally, and while local school districts may have a clearer understanding of their local needs and change levers, there are more than 15,000 of them nationwide. We need to move faster than a district-by-district approach would entail. Moreover, only a few of our largest urban districts have the capacity to take on large-scale reform, and even that limited number is subject to state-level policies such as funding formulas, teacher and leader certification, and academic standards, which are out of their control.

States, on the other hand, are in an excellent position to take the lead in bringing about changes in their public school systems, due to broad, diverse geographic and economic bases and inherent authority to impact policies on a broad scale. Our hope is that we can help inform the development of leading strategies regarding human capital, data infrastructure, and financial flexibility, and that we can inform a national conversation about how to fundamentally rethink the delivery of public education in this nation.

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