Education Cities leads working groups to build the expertise of our members, help members overcome specific challenges, and explore new connections and collaborations between cities. We offer the following working groups:

Charter Incubation

We explore strategies for growing the charter sector by investing in the recruitment, selection, training, and support of school leaders as they develop and launch new schools.


With communications staff and leaders across member organizations, we identify emerging communications practices and find new ways to apply them to our collective and individual work.

Community Engagement

We explore the ways in which Education Cities members can build ongoing, permanent relationships with key stakeholders in their cities for the purpose of articulating and working towards a shared vision for how to ensure every child in their city attends a great school.

Measuring High Quality Seats

We explore and develop new ways to measure the progress of our member cities and help our members determine which strategies are most effective for increasing the number of high quality schools in their respective cities.

Personalized Learning

We help our members develop city-plans for supporting high quality personalized learning in their community, including schools, talent, policy and community engagement.

School Governance Reform

We explore ways in which Education Cities member organizations are driving major changes to the structure and governance of their school systems.